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So far in my DevOps learning trip - Dev Retro 2022

So far in my DevOps learning trip - Dev Retro 2022

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·Dec 26, 2022·

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Before DevOps💻

I began my coding journey by learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript and despite my limited skill, I completed some projects. I was not particularly good at it, which is why I became demotivated.

How did I get started? 🤔

I followed Kunal Kushwaha, who introduced me to the world of DevOps. I began with YAML syntax, and Linux then progressed to Docker and Kubernetes. It was daunting at first, but I assumed it would get better.

Guess what didn't work? I went into tutorial hell and didn't practice at all, only watching videos and not devoting enough time to any of the fundamentals. 😔

How did I handle the stress?🧩

I wanted to be consistent, so I began documenting my learnings. I created a GitHub repository called 100DaysofDevOps. I began with AWS and Linux commands, then moved on to Docker, K8, and Terraform.

While writing this blog, I'm learning about Kubernetes from Kodekloud. I've also finished several projects on AWS, GitHub Actions, and Docker. You can look it up here.

All of my efforts have resulted in me being more productive and confident. 😄

My Realizations🫡

  • I've realized that this isn't a race; everyone is learning at their own pace, and I'm not falling behind.🏃‍♀️

  • Documenting everything keeps me motivated to keep going. I enjoy seeing how far I've progressed.🎯

  • Stackoverflow or simply asking for help can fix any error.😌

  • Being consistent is more important than being motivated, especially for long-term goals.💯

Plans for 2023📃

  • Writing more blogs.

  • Learning new tools of DevOps.

  • Contributing to open source.

Don't forget to star my repo 100DaysofDevOps😊

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